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Saturday, March 26, 2011

alternate access to your blog in case of emergency.

I managed to lock myself out of my You Tube account a few months ago, so I apologise to those people who asked me questions or left a message. Before anyone asks, no my You Tube account is not connected to my blog, I used another (can’t remember) email address to join.

Anyway, after this event I thought I better investigate how I can prevent the same thing happening with my blog. My solution was to use one of my other email accounts and give permission for that account to have admin privileges on my blog. Well, to be honest I have a few email accounts for various reasons and I gave each account admin privileges. Surely in case of emergency I will remember one of them, plus this time I had the sense to write down the details in a notebook.

1. Open the blog Dashboard and select the Settings tab
2. Select the Permissions tab
3. Click on the blue button, ADD AUTHORS
A new window will open and lists any current authors.
4. Enter your alternate email address in the empty box as shown below and press INVITE.
5. After selecting INVITE an email will be sent to the new email account. Follow the instructions and the hyperlink.

I will admit I had a bit of trouble getting access through the link in the email. If you have problems sign out of your blog and try again. If you have Internet Explorer on your computer and choose to use Firefox for internet browsing this is even easier to set up. Stay signed into your blog in Firefox and paste the hyperlink provided with the new email in Internet Explorer. It is the method I used to set up new email accounts and allowed me to be signed in with both identities at the same time, one in Firefox and one in Internet Explorer.

When you first access the blog with the new email identity you will find you have very limited access on your blog. Basically you will be able to add a new post or delete your new identity, as shown below. I wanted full access so I went one step further.
6. I signed back into my blog using my original identity. Once again I opened the Settings tab and then the Permissions tab. I located the new email account which currently has author privileges and granted admin privileges. If you follow these steps you will be able to sign in with either email account.
Don't forget when you sign in using your new email account to use the password you normally use for that account and not your existing blog password.

I got this from Aussie Carolyn

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