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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Here are the gals that decided to take the challenge.  First off, is Sue Jacobs,wow, Dragonaire, diamond Drops, Dessus-Dessous, Dancet, and Dervish.Next, Chrissy Murphy who did Dooleedo, D-Vine, Drupe,and D-Nebula. The pink one is from Colette Horsburgh who chose DL Sunray, Demi, Dutch hourglass, Dex, Dooleedo, and Droplets. Last, but of course, not least we have Katherine Newman who used Dutch Hourglass, Drupe, Dorset Button, and Diva Dance.
Great job ladies. Thanks for joining the fun challenge. Look for next Tuesdays challenge! Hope more of you will join in next time.
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Unknown said...

Theses are all stunning ladies. Didn't you get mine? Oh well, will try again next time.

crotnem said...

Sorry K Vit,didn't see yours:(

Unknown said...

All good, I just love doing the challenges. Looking forward to the next one. 😆