Background art

Monday, May 12, 2014


First up is Annie, what a nice suprise here! Love tan cardstock and the different color pens.
 Here is another winner of Colette's art. Nice combo here.
Joey, decided on color and I'd say it was a super choice, love the elements here!
Katie did a super job here too. I love Kuke! 
 Kylie decided only two tangles were enough for this challenge. I'd say you were right, It's gorgeous.
Leslie Dauer-Creek has some great tangles to see. Good job Leslie!
 Rachel Godbee, decided on a zendala for her challenge here. I love it. Beautifully done!
 Sue Jacobs gave us 2 tiles. Super, I love Kirkee, but seem to have trouble w/it. You did an amazing job!
Hard to say w/c one I like better, so I'll say both!

Thanks ladies, for playing along again this week. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but w/Mothers Day, just didn't go online at all.



Kelly said...

I was behind again, but I got them caught up with this last post.

Katherine Newman said...

I was so organised and finished my K early... and then totally forgot to post it! :o) Here's mine -