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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Okay everyone, this week we will use the letter "I" for the string using at least one tangle starting with that same letter. I used Inapod by Carole Ohl and I've forgotten the other tangle. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Happy Tangling,


certified zentangle teacher


The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Great Inapod, I like the curly bits.

Sorry about the two entries this week. As I went to clear the previous URL my fingers caught the Enter button and I can't see a way to delete it. The second entry is meant to be for this challenge.

Michele Wynne said...

Great tile Cheryl! Inapod is one of my favorite patterns (I like the curly bits too). I'm not familiar with the Tackle it Tuesday challenges. Thank you for your visits to my blog and for the thoughtful and generous comments. I only just made the discovery that if I access blogs from the comments you leave, I can see all of your blog entries, not just the Diva post. All of your work here is lovely. Happy tangling!

Beverly G said...

Cheryl, thanks for hanging in here with your challenge. I'm trying to encourage other Zentanglers to come over and play here too. Love the way you slanted your I.