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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


We are just about finished with our Letter strings. Today you will be using the letter "Y" for your string. Can't wait to see them all. Been super busy, so I haven't had time to even sit to do a tile. Maybe I'm hoping to sometime this week. Maybe get myself caught up, Yeah that's happening!! LOL

Until next week our last letter.

Tangle On,



Beverly G said...

Thanks for featuring me on my birthday.

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Hi, sorry to scrape in at the last moment, but as you probably know I have been busy doing hospital visit runs. I had my tile ready but nearly overlooked the fact that I had not posted it. I would have been very sorry to miss it as we are nearly at the end of the alphabet and I have done all the other letters of the alphabet. Many thanks for listing these each week.