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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Well, hope all had a wonderful holiday and now ready to jump back into my weekly challenges! To start the new year off, we will be starting out with the letter's "A". You can use any string of your choice. Here is the first tangle you are to use, How to draw ABUNDIES, and the second will be How to draw AKOYA. You can choose the next ones you like! But make sure they are all for the "A" category! Can't wait to see everyone's tiles.

certified zentangle teacher
Okay, here is my tile! Abundies, Akoya, and Aquafleur by official zentangle.

Tangle On,



hungrycorgistudio said...

Fantastic 'a' choices! Love them! A great way to start off the year! Thank you! Sarah.

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Oh great, I like the new theme, this is going to be fun.

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

I'm back again because I love what you did with your Akoya and Abundies. A lovely tile altogether.

Susan Theron said...


When does your link "closes" for a challenge? Regards

trixie04 said...

Hello, this was really fun. I like the two patterns you've chosen for the challenge and I hope I also will find the time for your next challenges.
Greatings from Germany