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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TACKLE IT TUESDAY TANGLE WITH "F' TANGLES ONLY certified zentangle teacher
Here is what I came up with for my challenge of "F"'s only! Floo, Flukes, and Flux. Now it is your turn to make something. I post everything on Sunday so everyone can see your art.

Thanks for playing along,


Kelly said...

I really enjoyed this one... and I purposely didn't let myself use flux because it's my go-to and I wanted to have to think outside the box!

crotnem said...

Good for you Kelly. It was an awesome piece!

ArtyZen said...

So glad to have found you, Cheryl. I hope to be a regular contributor and even if I don't have the time, I will love looking at all the entries. Axxx

Dorothy Allison said...

Loved doing this - used Fircle like a string.

crotnem said...

Annie, glad you found me too! Your work is awesome.

Dorothy, Allison, hon, I can grab your pics from Flicker to put in w/ the others. Is there somewhere else that I can see your piece?

Unknown said...

Loved all these F tangles. Some gorgeous other entries too.