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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TACKLE IT TUESDAY, "G" TANGLES ONLY certified zentangle teacher
Here is my atc of the "G" tangles I used.  Gerwurtz, Gingham, Girdy, and Golven. Now it's your turn! Can't wait to see them.



Sara said...

Can I play if I don't have a URL?
Sara McGregor, CZT12

crotnem said...

Yes,you can. send your card to me at crotnem@gmail.commsectie are

crotnem said...

Sara, here's my email again it messed up!

Kelly said...

I got to be first! That never happens! :D

nruzick said...

This is my first time completing a Tackle it Tuesday, and I enjoyed it! I used tangles that I have never used before and that was exciting :)