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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

TACKLE IT TUEDAY, TANGLES W/ "i" ONLY certified zentangle teacher
Here is my version for the "I" tangles . I used Itch, Indy-Rella, Ilana, Isochor, and Inapod. Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. This has been so far, a great journey for me!

Thanks for playing along,


Kelly said...

Tangles for "I" are harder! There aren't that many to pick from! I needed to learn 3 new ones to do this challenge. :) Thanks for making me think outside the box.

Leslie said...

I used all the I patterns I know to date - gave me an excuse to use the fun Inapod pattern.

Katie C said...

I was so pleasantly surprised to find tangles with the letter "i" that I really love! I realized what an awesome practice this is to go through the alphabet. :)

Unknown said...

Hi - how do we post our Tackle it Tuesday pics? Thanks!

crotnem said...

Julie, click on the linky on your right top column, another window opens and you put your info in there.

ArtyZen said...

I enjoyed this one very much, Cheryl - your tile was a great example. Axxx