Background art

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I've been trying to do this technique for sometime after seeing Zindorf's art. WOW, is all I can say. Tried it like she said in her blog tuturial, no way, those brayer lines were awful!

So I got a "lightbulb" moment, hey, why not try it with pastel-chalks and voila, it turned out pretty good. Not perfect like Michele's, but good enought to show. Also, the plant and the word is done with basic black dye ink.

So here's to you Miss Michele Zindorf!!!


Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Lovely card. It is just awesome. I love how you have the top of the greenery to the corner and then the dream up top. Extremely well done.

Becky said...

Very nicely done. Michelle is one of my favorite artists, but I can't brayer without lines either. So, I usually stipple my sky.

Cheryl said...

This is very pretty Cheryl! I have yet to try one of Michelle's projects.