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Sunday, March 30, 2014


 Here is what Sue Jacobs did.  Eyelets & Ribbon, Euca, Esses, Echo, and Eyetest. Great job and Love that you can see the "E"!
 Chrissy use Echoism, Ennies, Equerre, Escalator, and emingle, nice composition.
 Next, we have Lila's version. She used  Embellish, Exis, Eye-wa, Euca, and Efilys. Nice job!
 Colette Horsburgh has a nice one. Here's her choices, Eke, Eyetest, Euca, Eez, Encke, Ebb, Escalator, Equerre, Emingle, Eye, Efilys, Ennies, Eyehook, Echo, Elzee, and Echoism.
 Kelly is catching up with the challenges. Here is her "A"'s. Annee, Abacus, Antidots, A's, and Ahh.
 Another catch up for Kelly, here her "D" tangles. Dragonair, DL Nebula, and Devine. Nice job!
 Here is Katherine Newman's version for the challenge.  She used Eyetest, Eek, Eyelet and ribbon, Eye-wa, and Elzee. Looks great. Nice balance between black and light.
Here is Katy C.'s challenge. She used Enyshou, Eke, Ennies and Echoism.

Thanks so much ladies for doing the challenge!!!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014 certified zentangle teacher
Here is my contribution for this challenge. Using only tangles starting with "E".
Eye-wa, Eddy, Echo, Emingle, and Evoke! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Sunday, March 23, 2014


Here are the gals that decided to take the challenge.  First off, is Sue Jacobs,wow, Dragonaire, diamond Drops, Dessus-Dessous, Dancet, and Dervish.Next, Chrissy Murphy who did Dooleedo, D-Vine, Drupe,and D-Nebula. The pink one is from Colette Horsburgh who chose DL Sunray, Demi, Dutch hourglass, Dex, Dooleedo, and Droplets. Last, but of course, not least we have Katherine Newman who used Dutch Hourglass, Drupe, Dorset Button, and Diva Dance.
Great job ladies. Thanks for joining the fun challenge. Look for next Tuesdays challenge! Hope more of you will join in next time.
Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014 certified zentangle teacher
Here is todays Tackle It Tuesday atc that I did. Drupe, Dyon, Diva Dance and Dex are the "D" tangles used.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Here's is the ladies with their "C" tangles. They did a great job~

This week's Tackle It Tuesday was to do an ATC using C tangles. I've combined Cadet (one of my favorites) with Cat ' kin and Chard. Came up quite pretty I think

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 certified zentangle teacher
Here we go for our 3rd TIT. You are to create an atc or zentangle size. This week I am late one day, as I couldn't turn my neck was in so much pain. So todays tangles should be only "C"'s. Oops, i snuck an "S" in there. Oh well, No mistakes in zentangle! My tangles are cadent, cresent moon, chillon, and chainging! Hope to see yours soon! Remember you have until Saturday to post your link here!
Tangle on!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

TACKLE IT TUESDAY IS HERE ONCE AGAIN! certified zentangle teacher
This is the second Tuesday for posting our new challenge.  Mine are Bilt, Beeline, Bridgen, Box spiral, and Bugles.  Are always, you have til Saturday to put your blog address in them link on the right in my blog. I will try to get them on my blog by no later than Sunday. Here we go:

 Use only tangles that begin with the letter "B" There are quite a few to choose from. Hope you are up to this challenge!

Tangling Again,

String Thing #29 by Adele Bruno certified zentangle teacher
this one was diff a challenge for me!