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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

TACKLE IT TUESDAY IS HERE ONCE AGAIN! certified zentangle teacher
This is the second Tuesday for posting our new challenge.  Mine are Bilt, Beeline, Bridgen, Box spiral, and Bugles.  Are always, you have til Saturday to put your blog address in them link on the right in my blog. I will try to get them on my blog by no later than Sunday. Here we go:

 Use only tangles that begin with the letter "B" There are quite a few to choose from. Hope you are up to this challenge!

Tangling Again,


Kelly said...

First time participating in this one! I really enjoyed it!

Unknown said...

I've just added a link for this weeks challenge :o) I do like a lot of tangles beginning with B! It was a touch choice :o)

Unknown said...

Just tried twice to add mine but it keeps disappearing. It seems last week's of mine is still on the list. Not sure what's going on. Sorry.
Kylie x

Unknown said...

I had the same problem, I tried twice too!!!!
please help!

crotnem said...

Ladies, I don't know how to clear the weeks prior. Kylie, yours is up.