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Sunday, March 30, 2014


 Here is what Sue Jacobs did.  Eyelets & Ribbon, Euca, Esses, Echo, and Eyetest. Great job and Love that you can see the "E"!
 Chrissy use Echoism, Ennies, Equerre, Escalator, and emingle, nice composition.
 Next, we have Lila's version. She used  Embellish, Exis, Eye-wa, Euca, and Efilys. Nice job!
 Colette Horsburgh has a nice one. Here's her choices, Eke, Eyetest, Euca, Eez, Encke, Ebb, Escalator, Equerre, Emingle, Eye, Efilys, Ennies, Eyehook, Echo, Elzee, and Echoism.
 Kelly is catching up with the challenges. Here is her "A"'s. Annee, Abacus, Antidots, A's, and Ahh.
 Another catch up for Kelly, here her "D" tangles. Dragonair, DL Nebula, and Devine. Nice job!
 Here is Katherine Newman's version for the challenge.  She used Eyetest, Eek, Eyelet and ribbon, Eye-wa, and Elzee. Looks great. Nice balance between black and light.
Here is Katy C.'s challenge. She used Enyshou, Eke, Ennies and Echoism.

Thanks so much ladies for doing the challenge!!!



Kelly said...

And with this one done now before tomorrow, I'm officially caught up! Here are my "E's" and tomorrow I will be ready for the next!

Unknown said...

They all look ggreat.

Katie C said...

awesome! Thanks for posting!!