Background art

Saturday, April 19, 2014

First up is Annie, such nice composition! Love the pink henna drum flowers.
 Chrissie did a fine job with Heartrope in the center. I love this.
 Colette did a nice set of "H" tangles here.
 Catherine decided to use an H in her design, great job!
 Kelly has a nice mix of black, white and gray tones.
Kylie did an awesome job on her tangles!
 Nikki did super on her also.  Got to love Heartrope huh?
 Rachel's looks awesome w/Hurry in the center.
Sue also chose to use an "H" in the center. Love your choice of tangles.

Ladies, thanks again for playing along with my challenge. Thanks to those who stopped by to see their art. Check back on Tuesday for our next challenge!

Keep tangling!



Kelly said...

So many nice variations! Love to see everyone's work!

Sue Jacobs CZT said...

Hi - I hope it's OK to leave my 'I' tile a little early. I'm heading up to Maine for Tangle U. (I'm soooo excited!) I won't have a chance to post much this week.