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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Here is Annie's creation. I think it is marvelous! She did an awesome job on her "M" tile.
Colette gave us 2 tiles to look over! Great art my girl.

Katherine Newman has her "M" right dab in the center to be admired! Nice job on you ZIA~
 Katy C. Did a new tangle she created for an M. I like it and most give it a try.
Kelly used some of my favorite tangles in her piece. Go Kelly!!!
 Sal is new here, buat surely not to tangling! Nice job on both you "L" and "M" tiles.

Next up, Sue Jacobs, who never disappoints! Don't you just love how she did her "M"!

Tanglers, thanks so much for participating in this challenge. It is so awesome to see everyones art in one place. If you haven't joined the fun yet, come on Tuesday, we'll be exploring "N's"


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