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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This week you will be tangling S U N, with a twist, Sez by zentangle, Up and Across by Suzanne McNeil, and last Nymph by Melinda Barlow. I will post mine later today! Can't wait to see everyone's tiles this week.

Tangled Hugs,

As you can see, I got my tile done! It is on a Bijou tile or a twinchie as called in cardmaking. certified zentangle teacher


Lori said...

The pattern combination turned out really fun. Thanks for the challenge.

bmlilith60 said...

Lovely tile, nice pattern composit.ion

ArtyZen said...

Some new patterns for me - thanks! My tile is posted with the Diva Challenge as I didn't have time to post separately this week.
Love your little Inchie! Axxx